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Hello, Everyone

Welcome to visit the website of Huaxing glass technology co., ltd. With the popularization of the computer network, Information technology bring us to new thinking. The network can make us through the time tunnel. Communication each other, Be a good friend or a business partner.

”The sea is turbulent, to the character of a hero” Huaxing Glass technology in the process of development experiences ups and downs after it appears. through the science and technology management, innovation and development of the road. From an unknown small factory gradually has been developing to be so big company today, which is composed by the glass machinery department, glass department, windows &doors curtain wall department three departments. In today’s society is making a spurt progress of development. We who are Huaxing glass technology has been existing and developing in the constantly changing environment for nearly ten years alike others brother enterprises must further enhance our awareness and consciousness of marketing situation. Take necessary precautious to suitable for the development requirements of the times. Huaxing Glass technology company commits to achieve the goal of enterprise management ”to a new level, technology strides, marketing make new breakthroughs ,large scale level”. We are not only the pursuit of enterprise development but also maximize the welfare of the employees. Even more hope that each of employees can perfect themselves and constantly create a new paradigm    
Huaxing Glass technology company site is a window, a bridge, a platform ,through which to provide abundant and timely information, to listen to the user’s criticism and suggestions, to fulfill the commitment of Huaxing Glass Technology to customers.”Man road, hard as iron, the more strides we now” Facing the new situation of market competition. The employees of Huaxing Glass technology company is full of pride and knowing what to do. We will further strengthening the efforts of science and technology innovation. optimizing capital investment, deepening enterprise management, the implementation of brand strategy. Try our best to pen a new prospect of glass machinery. All the staff in our company would like to create a brilliant future with all the friends come from different fields
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