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Strategic Planning
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With the development coming of global economic integration, the international community is facing more competitions and challenges. Shandong Huaxing Glass Technology co., Ltd.  Its goal is to develop the domestic market, seize opportunities, integration into the international economic circle, Constantly introducing abroad advanced technology, developing high-tech products, enhance economic strength and investment ability to fully implement the scientific concept of development, deepening reform as the driving force, technological process for guide. In order to perfect operational mechanisms and Standardize the management for protection, vigorously implement the talent strategy, closely around the theme of accelerating with economic efficiency’s. Prompting the company comprehensive, coordinated, healthy and sustainable development. Intensify structural adjustment, to take market requirements as the center of the product restructuring, Technology centered on technology innovation of industrial structure upgrading, Centered on mechanism innovation of organizational structure adjustment, to optimize market-oriented market restructuring, and further enhance competitiveness, accelerate the coordinated development of the company, Make enterprise have a high popularity in the same industry in the domestic.

New development strategy to bring new vitality, the company will take this opportunity to develop the glass machinery industry, Make it gradually become flagship of the industry in the domestic.
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