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Quality is a footing place of Shandong Huaxing Glass Machinery in the marketing with sustained development. The company regarded the quality as the life of enterprise. In accordance with international standard, established international assurance and monitor system. Made a set of effective quality control arrangement. Pass the ISO9001 system certification of quality management by Import and Export certification center of China. The company vigorously promote effective running of quality system, to set up laboratory and chemical analysis room. Based on indicator analysis of marketing quality promoting internal quality standards, to further improve the “one-vote deny, two forbidden, three left off” measures. At the same time, increase management innovation, the implementation of production quality, service quality drive to quality upgrade called the “dual nature” strategy. Put all the managements into the quality control system, so that Huaxing Glass Machinery in line with the international standards.

Quality policy: innovation, scientific management, the first class products, satisfactory customers, sustained improvement.

Innovation: An increasingly competitive market, Huaxing Glass Machinery traditional products cannot meet the marketing demand, must be keeping the products continuous improvement, development and innovation.

Scientific management: Adopted GB/T19001-2001(ISO9001:2000) international advanced level to establish quality management mode, benefit from the management.

First class products: The quality is the life of enterprise, which to establish in accordance with quality management system certificate, to a new level. 

Customer satisfaction: it is an ultimate goal of all our work of Huaxing Glass Machinery that makes customers satisfactory. We need better quality and reasonable price for potential customers with good service.

Continuous improvement: through the management judging, based on the requirement of market and customers. The specific goal of products is to improve the quality of products and services. To achieve improving the products quality of Huaxing Glass Machinery.

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